Unique & Special

We recognize that every client is different and special. Your fitness and eating plans are individually tailored to your abilities and preferences ad can cater for injuries, illness and more.

You Set the Goals

You decide the body weight and shape you want. Our coaching will help you make it happen and help you keep it for life.

You Do the Work

World class coaching boosts your chance of achieving and maintaining the body you want by a factor of ten or twenty. We will guide you, teach you, motivate you, and even bully you if necessary, but you have to do the work.

Human Coaches

AI and programmed chat-bots may be cheaper, but humans make better coaches. Our professional human coaching is provided by certified and experienced human coaches through your phone, tablet or browser.

Coaching Calls

You and coach get to know each other, discuss your program, monitor and progress, and review your goals through regular coaching calls. Your bespoke coaching recommendations and bespoke plans are delivered a few days after each call.

Constant Contact

Knowing your expert coach coach is monitoring your progress makes body transformation and maintenance easier. We provide daily motivation and education, weekly challenges, online chat and regular coaching call.

Learn by Doing

No need to read books and studies - your coach applies their years of study and experience to improve your health and fitness. Together we'll discover the exercise and eating that works best for your body --- you learn by doing and enjoy the results.

Good Habits

Good fitness & nutrition is based on healthy habits. Your coach will teach, encourage and occasionally bully you to change your lifestyle for permanent gain.

Mental Health

Exercise and good nutrition is as effective as medication in reducing stress, anxiety and depression, and preventing major illness. Coaching keeps you on track to strengthen your mental health and happiness.


It’s so easy to skip workouts and fall off your fitness routine or start eating wrong. Knowing that your fitness and meal trackers are creating a permanent record, and that your coach is watching really helps keep you on track.

Self Discipline

Personal coaching teaches you to stick to your plans and achieve set goals. Many evoME clients tell us their new self-discipline is transforming every aspect of their lives.

Fitness for Life

Your coach will adjust your exercise and meal plans as your body and abilities change through different stages of life, Know that your evoME coach and community will always be there for you to help you stay fit and healthy.

Confidence & Happiness

Looking good and feeling good boosts confidence and happiness. Fitness and eating right control appetite, boost mood and mental acuity, and improve sleep. Get started now.

Ongoing Education

You get a stream of useful and interesting fitness & nutrition knowledge snippets to support your slim and fit lifestyle. Our daily ‘Personal Evolution’ newsletter links to interesting articles and videos to follow up on what interests you.

A Healthier Future

Don’t wait to get sick. Fitness and eating right are the best way to avoid depression, anxiety, heart disease, hypertension, stroke, diabetes, back pain, arthritis, asthma, cancer and dementia.

Role Model

We know you want to be a role model to your family, friends and kids. Our coaches are role models and they’ll help you build the discipline, mindset and results to get you there.

Latest Science & Tech

We research, follow, and test new developments in eating and exercise science. We quickly incorporated the best new techniques into our fitness and eating plans.

Service to Others

"Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth" - Muhammad Ali. A portion of your fees go to our service fund used to spread happiness, fitness and good nutrition to those in need. You're welcome to add more when you sign up.