World Leading App

7 million users in 80 Countries. 4.5 star rating. Access from IOS, Android or any browser. We believe this is the world's best fitness & nutrition app.

Measured Results

Collects data from day one to track your progress and show exactly how your exercise and eating affects your body. You learn to control your body shape and fitness through self-accountability and experience.

Meal Tracker

Track your daily eating. Our database of 1.5 million+ ingredients and bar scanner function makes it simple and easy.

Calorie & Macro Tracking

We automatically count your calories calculate the carbs, protein and fat you eat. See real-time results for today, this week, this month and from day 1.

Fitness Tracker

Track your energy burn in real-time for today, the week, month, and from day 1. Fun and easy to use, with easy adjustment and one-click uploading of evoME workouts.

Seriously Connected

The evoME app can synch automatically with your wearables. Connect your Fitbit, Garmin, Apple watch, Google Fit, Apple Health and activity trackers.

Dynamic Energy Balance

Real time calorie advice. We compare your energy burn and food intake in real-time and show how many calories you can still consume today to meet your weight management goals.

Energy Balance

We calculate and track your basal metabolic rate (BMR) and physical activity level (PAL) to determine your daily total energy need. Energy need is then adjusted according to your personal weight loss or gain goals and monitored in real time.


Working out alone is much harder than with a community of like-minded people. Our private Facebook-like social community provides companionship, motivation and support.

Gamified Challenges

We gamify your goals and set weekly mini-challenges to stretch your abilities and keep it fun. You earn prizes and badges to display on your profile page and even on social media.