World Class Coaches

We choose the best body transformation and maintenance coaches. All are professionally certified personal trainers with years of experience and success and personally trained in evoME personal evolution practice.

Bespoke Exercise Plans

Select our bespoke exercise plans to exactly match your workouts to your physical ability and quickly and efficiently get you to your goals. Your coach will track your workouts and progress and provide feedback & motivation.

Monthly Coaching Calls

We'll get your feedback, check your progress, and review your goals in your monthly coaching call. A few days later you'll get a video with your coach's recommendations for the nest month, together with your new bespoke exercise and eating plan, depending on your evoME program.

Always Challenging

No more boring workouts. No more fitness plateaus. Coaching will take you to the next level with fun workouts vary your training and continuously challenge your abilities.

Time & Location Flexible

Workout at the gym, outdoors, at home. Incorporate your sports. We build your bespoke workout plan around your lifestyle and preferences.

Save Time

We understand that your time is valuable. Goal-based workout plans provide maximum results and goal achievement in minimum time.

Training for Events

Your coach will help you train to prep for important sports or life events. Want to skydive, run a marathon, hike the Andes or get married? We’ve got your back.


Strength training, HIIT, cardio, circuits, classes, superset, pyramid training, what do I need? Your coach cuts through the confusion and help you find a clear path to real results based on your goals and workout preferences.


Does your training alternate between ‘beast mode’ and spending time the bar? Consistency is best for your health, mind and body. Your coach will help you stay on track.


Most people work harder in the presence of others. Knowing that coach is watching, and our daily motivation messages will keep you training for peak health.

Good Form

Performing an exercise wrong can hurt your fitness and cause injury. Every exercise is demonstrated by our animated 3D avatar that shows correct form and highlights the muscles you’re working on.

Sport Specific Coaching

Cyclist, golfer, runner, surfer, dancer, tennis player? We’ve got your back. Your coach will adjust your exercise and eating plans to help you excel in the sport of your choice.

Gym Newbie?

The gym can be intimidating at first. Our clear and appropriate fitness plans quickly build your confidence and results. You can text coach any questions anytime.

Medical Issues?

Your coach can work with doctors and other practitioners to tailor your fitness plan to speed recovery and rehabilitation. Note that additional consultation charges may apply.

Reduce Injury Risk

Wrong exercises/weight/reps can cause injury. Your coach correctly matches your exercise plans matches your current physical strength and abilities.

The Joy of Fitness

Our clients soon start to look forward to their workouts. As you achieve greater fitness goals with well-matched exercise plans, workouts change from a task to a pleasure that you look forward to.

Muscle or Tone?

It’s not necessary to have a spectacular body to be fit and feel great. You choose how much muscle you want to build and define --- we’ll adjust your exercise and eating plans to get and keep you there.

Fast Results

We break big goals into little steps. Your bespoke exercise plan will stretch your abilities and deliver measured results in less time that you expect.